Dear Patients,

Welcome to the Chiropractic Clinic Wolfsburg. It is our prime dedication to provide the highest standard of care and patient management in the field of chiropractic.


Our team represents highly respected and recognized practitioners, many having worked at the clinic for the majority of their professional careers, establishing a strong reputation for excellence in patient care throughout the community.


In working with many national and international top athletes, we have also gained a particular reputation for treating sports injuries. However, our main focus remains on family care.


 In providing care for babies, children, adults and the elderly with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions spanning head to foot, we rely strongly on a multidisciplinary approach including orhopedics, sport medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


 This kind of network allows us to help you enjoy a body that is healtier, stronger, and more fit.




Alexander Steinbrenner D.C.

Office hours:


9.00 – 13.00 und 14.30 – 18.00


9.00 – 19.15


8.00 – 18.00


8.00 - 18.00


9.00 - 19.15


9.00 – 12.00

To schedule an appointment please call:

Tel. 05361-8481358

Praxis für Chiropraktik Wolfsburg Porschestraße 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Tel. 05361-8 48 13 58, Fax 05361-8 48 13 78

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